I cannot connect the app to my Nerivio

  1. Go to your phone Bluetooth settings and select “Forget” (iOS) or “Unpair” (Android) all Nerivio devices (each listing begins with NM, followed by numbers & letters codes, e.g: NM2 f8f00583…)
  2. Restart smartphone
  3. Close the Nerivio app and re-launch it.
  4. Connect your smartphone and Nerivio when they are next to each other on a flat surface before you start your treatment.
    • Do not start the treatment before placing the device properly on your arm.

Common User Interface (UI) Issues

  • The app does not support voice input on sign in screen.
  • The app does not support rotation. It can only be used in portrait mode.
  • Enlarging phone fonts to maximum may corrupt app interface and visibility.

Reset Password - "Save" Button

If the “save” button (for the new password) does not function, please try decreasing screen resolution and/or try to zoom out on your browser.